by L∆V33

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This is about friendship, the truth and skateboarding.



Back in the day
with my homies, no regrets
just about to skate
fun, beach, sunset

climbing to the roof
the wind just brought back
memories of old times
remember the wolf pack?

superficial revolution
always reflecting
even small the evolution
a bit better we'll be getting

me and my bro
we got this connection
29th march
we try to find our direction

wait, no
we dont believe in horoscope
but that day its weird
thats kinda dope tough

we get high as a bird
theory of the creation
not changing our state of mind
just breathing some information


lets skate, forget the world bro
dilla is on my ears (rest in peace)
and there's nothing fear
lets push through the sphere
and kick till we disappear


just release
laugh with ease
nothing to worry
just feel the breeze

traveling is good
i know i would too
i understand what you pursuit but
dont forget your roots



last days in brazil
thats how i feel
this life is great
this planet is my home
i will never be alone
just want to go straight
for this moment i waited

skate is fun
surf is flow
music is passion
thats my art, where i grow

where i work my mind
trying to be kind
to people that think
that life's about getting a new phone.
want to be a clone
in the mainstream you belong

everyday people look like droids
with their minds lost in the void

love is all you need
hope is all you got
so don't fear the speed
your life will change a lot

you don't need a new seed
you got the roots of your youth
so let this feeling breed
for now thats the only truth...


released August 22, 2013



all rights reserved